Fire Door Service & Repair

Why Service a Fire Door

Quite often the purpose of a door with fire and smoke seals is misunderstood as they are put in the same bracket as standard joinery doors. This is far from the truth. In most cases, a fire door forms the last line of defence against the loss of life in the event of a fire. The location of fire doors would have been carefully positioned as highlighted in a fire risk assessment to ensure protected means of escape are provided and maintained.

Fire Door Inspection

Our certified Fire Door Inspectors are fully accredited by the FDIS and/or LPCB to undertake all types of fire door bi-annual inspections and certifications. Our inspectors have the ability to make minor adjustments to fire doors while they are being inspected, which can be the difference between a fire door passing or failing. This can eliminate the need for another trade being employed to undertake rectification works.
On completion of a fire door inspection, a detailed report outlining the door’s condition will be issued highlighting if any remedial works need to be undertaken. If there are any non-compliant doors, you will also be provided with detailed quotes to rectify any critical defects.

Fire Door Certification

Once a fire door has been installed or after one has been replaced, the door should have been assigned a unique tag number and a certificate. This certificate outlines the doors features including location, size, fire rating, type of door, hardware and date installed. It is important to keep this certificate in an easily accessible location and it should form part of the buildings log books.

Fire Door Repair & Replacement

Repairing or replacing non-compliant fire doors must be carried out by tradesmen who are competent to do so. We work closely with building and facility managers to ensure we achieve the best solution for your building and can undertake some works out of hours to reduce possible loss of revenue. Pro-Servicing can produce site specific maintenance packages to suit your needs and budgets. Through communication and a good understanding of your expectations, we can make fire door maintenance very cost efficient, without ongoing disruption to tenants, owners or guests.

Peace of Mind

Having your doors inspected by our certificated professionals not only gives you peace of mind, it also reassures the building’s occupiers that you take fire safety seriously. From hotels, office buildings, nursing homes and schools to student accommodation or local authority housing, every occupier has the right to feel that if a fire does break out, they will be safe, and that the fire doors in the building will perform as they were intended.

Fire Door Service and Repair
Fire Door Service and Repair

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